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Welcome to W Cox Logs. Established in 1989 by selling our cheap sawmill offcuts in the Bourne, Sleaford, Spalding, Peterborough, Stamford, Deeping, Grantham, Rutland and Lincolnshire area, the business soon expanded by responding to demand and providing more expensive but better quality ash logs. Now, with the recent explosion of woodburning stove sales, 95% of the 1000+ tonnes of logs I sell each year now are my trademark 'Finest Quality Ash Logs' and as always, repeat work from great loyal customers, word of mouth, and this website sustain my ever growing business and with most firewood businesses now heavliy taxpayer subsidised, I rely instead on the quality of the product itself rather than government grants (hence no DEFRA signs on this site) and deals with stove suppliers to keep my full time business prospering - which it has for nearly 30 years now. I do hope you find this site helpful but your questions and feedback help me keep updating the site so please feel free to call and ask any questions or pass any comments! Please note there are no stock photos here - all photos are of our woodland, our yard and our machinery and no one outside our family is employed in the business, helping to maintain the highest standards in all departments.

LATEST - September 24th. Firstly, a big continuing 'thank you' to all my customers to enable me to take the next step forward with my business (please look at the full update at end of this site to how this may affect you). Currently I am no longer in a position to take on new customers i.e people who've never bought from me before unless a) you want large logs 300mm or bigger as I have a lot left over from last season b) unless you live in the inner half of my map below, or c) unless you could take a 6m3 load, which will also queue jump somewhat as organising my daily wages with one full drop is easier than organising multiple smaller deliveries! I do have a slightly longer lead time than usual though so if you want next day logs, please remember I am not Amazon prime!! I do appreciate all your custom, I need to keep working and want to end this update with another big thank you to all my loyal customers... Finally, I currently have several loads of lovely dry spruce firewwod from my own woodland for sale too which I need moving therefore priced just £235 for 4 cubic metres. Available only until stock lasts.

Prices For Ash Logs 2019-2020 Season

£95 half load - just under 1m3
(currently not available)
£165 full load logs
Just under 2m3 - approx. 1 tonne logs (fills 3 x 'tonne builder bags')
The same £165 load logs
Just < 2 cubic metres - apprx 1t. Look, Trailer is 3m x 1.7m!


Barn dried logs

Double Trailer £320 Just < 4m 3

FSC 'managed' timber

Truck/Double Trailer £465 Just<6m 3

Click all photos to enlarge

Standard loads are 100% Ash logs, seasoned, cut, and split to your requirements.

(See below for other fantastic hardwood and softwood log prices!)

NB. A £165 load of ash logs well fills 3 bulk/dumpy/builders bags, that's equivalent to £55 per bulk bag of ash logs!! Cheap products are not always inferior - in this case it's down to ever increasing efficiency! Delivery is free to all areas on map below Sleaford, Bourne, Grantham, Peterborough, Stamford, Oakham, Deeping, Spalding.

Tel 07973 819821 -Please leave me a mobile phone number to enable me to text you confirmation of order and estimated delivery time as I never take things in order - with me taking 3 loads everywhere in one go, sometimes I'm looking for a load to make up a full delivery the next day but other times I may have just been your way.... Thank you




Looking for kiln dried logs? I'm afraid I don't sell them - in my opinion kiln drying is a waste of my time and effort and a total waste of your money.Clearview Stoves instruction book page 1 for their 650/750 models not only states that logs just simply need to be air dried to 25% moisture content (remember, effective air drying can dry logs out to 15%) but also advises to BURN WITH CAUTION if you do burn kiln dried logs - their stoves are getting too hot....! So, why ruin your stove and waste your money on kiln dried?! Nearly all people kiln drying logs now are newcomers to the game, businessmen not woodmen, and in my opinion there to take advantage of the massive government grants now available for this crazy policy of burning wood to dry wood which will then take in moisture again as the relative humidity of the ambient air rises. Very often however, the logs are not left long enough in the kiln - your moisture meter may read 18% when you test the log, but cut 2 inches off the outside then test it again for a proper reading, which often may well be over 50% still. Anyone whose tried cooking a large joint of meat too quickly will know what I mean there...! The traditional way of seasoning wood worked well enough for thousands of years and it still works for Scandinavians and Europeans, and for the wiser ones of us who don't like throwing money away!

Please be ready to tell me your length of the logs you need when ordering (or measure the width and depth of your fire for me to work out your ideal log length). With just a simple change of splitting wegde the machine splits the timber from between 2 logs to 10 logs depending on requirements, therefore all sizes of logs are the same price. Also, just to clarify - a £165 load easily fills 3 Travis Perkins dumpy bags (dumpy bags are the builders sand/gravel bags, and for price comparisons with other sites, these are nowhere near a cubic metre in volume (around 0.7) or a tonne in weight when filled with dry logs as some sites suggest, in fact I guess they weigh less than 300kg which is why you often see companies delivering multiple loads or 'bins' loaded on just 1-1.5tonne delivery vans).

Generally, logs are delivered loose and tipped out at the closest point I can back up to. A sheet is useful to put underneath, if you have one, to collect any shavings (which are then great for kindling!) if you have a gravel driveway.


Ash is almost universally recognised as the best all round firewood, burning nicely, lasting well, looking nice, storing well with virtually no shedding of bark, no mould or fungus problems and also, very importantly with an open fire, burns with no sparks. I also offer semi seasoned oak logs and although some people burn oak on an open fire, due to the fact that oak spits a little and does flame less, it really suits being burned on a stove. In my opinion, for a woodburning stove, oak is head and shoulders above all else, but MUST be split and dried for at least two years. For this reason it is not a much loved wood as most people have, at some time or other, been sold 1 year "seasoned" oak logs that just will not burn effectively, or have had a batch of kiln dried hardwood where the less dense hardwoods are as dry as a Pharaoh's sock and burn like paper whilst the much denser oak has barely dried at all and struggles to burn. Ditto beech logs. I don't have the room to dry large quantities of oak logs for two years, but I am increasingly storing more and more for the first year of its seasoning and if you can get organised by ordering your oak logs in early spring, doing the second summer's drying yourself, you will have logs of the highest quality that even ash can't touch. This is helping me too by spreading my workload out more (and takes away your rush/panic of last minute buying too!), and also oak, unlike ash, is very easy to source - making it no more expensive (offered at the same price as my ash logs). This is starting to work very well for me now and last summer sales in May and June were almost as much as December, and I'm sure those of you who ordered and packed away all your logs in the summer found that worked very well for you too! Most other species of hardwood (especially the ones which spark) along with all softwood logs end up in the 'economy' loads I sell. I am not going to describe these loads here - I will just say some people (Scandinavians included!) burn nothing but softwood whilst some won't touch it!! Due to the 'economy' nature of this load, it will now only be sold as semi seasoned as it is taking too much time and effort for me to dry this for you considering the low profit margin I have on this. At the right time of year a month or so in a dry airy environment of yours will usually be enough to finish off the drying process. Available only in the 4 cubic metre load, and also only delivered around the central area of my map below, ie the Bourne and Stamford area, price for this 4 cubic metre load is £235 but please ring for current details of availability/species. I will deliver these loads to Peterborough Grantham Spalding or Oakham but only if I'm not too busy - my profit margins are less on softwood.

We are timber merchants, not tree surgeons, and as you can see from the photo below on the left, our logs come from straight clean trunks from managed woodlands, whereas logs sourced from tree surgery are usually from garden trees, resulting in bent, knotty, knobbly logs. Many of the logs come from our own woodlands near Bourne and Sleaford which I personally have managed since my teenage years. The fine stand of maturing oak in the middle and right photos is the result of a lot of hard work, progressively weeding or "thinning" out the weaker trees over many years, as they crowd each other out. This is something I greatly enjoy doing in the summer and this year, once again, I can offer traditional rustic poles for sale, complete with bark, as I remove the conifers now they have done their job of pushing the oak trees up straight. Please ring for details.

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Delivery is free to all areas on map below Sleaford, Bourne, Grantham, Peterborough, Stamford, Oakham, Deeping, Spalding. Please phone if you wish to discuss anything further, or place an order.

William Cox

Hanthorpe House Sawmill



Stamford (01780) 762886 (Please note my home Stamford landline number is no longer in use).

Mobile 07973 819821

The answerphone sometimes comes on so please be ready and please leave me a message - I do pick them up regularly during the day when I stop the machines, and if I don't call you back immediately I'll nearly always return your call that night unless I am really busy (in which case the answerphone message will usually tell you so). I also don't like emails but please feel free to text anytime during sensible hours!


With bases in South Lincolnshire near Bourne and near Stamford, the map provides a general guide to the coverage area although this will shrink to somewhat closer around Bourne and Stamford as peak season approaches. I deliver full loads of ash logs to Market Deeping, Peterborough and Spalding, as well as full loads of ash logs to Grantham, Oakham, Sleaford, Rutland and Lincolnshire. I will also consider a complete parcel of truck and trailer load of logs delivered much further away from Bourne outside peak season eg I've been asked to deliver to someones holiday cottage in the Yorkshire Dales, and places in the Lincolnshire Wolds/Norfolk - all of which provide great days/weekends out for me in summertime so please feel free to enquire!

Click on map to enlarge


Weights and measurements are as accurate as I can be (and I got A/O level maths at school so one of my cubic metres is a cubic metre!) but purely to cover myself in this modern era, I sell my loads as 'sold as seen'. The photos are there to provide a clear guide and I don't try to deceive people with phrases often used over the phone such as:
i) "a load on a tonne truck". For example, either of my loads on the truck are "a load of logs on a 1 tonne truck"! And more recently, ''a tonne builder bag'', which actually holds around just 300kg when full of logs rather than sand!!
ii) "a heaped load of logs " - could be anything from 20 logs to a 300 log heap like the one in my top middle photo!
iii) "a load of mixed hardwood logs" could mean a load of poor quality poplar and willow logs, which will spark and if kiln dried will burn like newspaper!
My weight figure is determined by consistently getting more or less 25 full loads of logs from a 25 tonne lorry load of mixed, fresh felled hardwood. Ash loses little weight as it dries. However, sycamore logs, for example, will lose significantly more and sold dry will not weigh a tonne, even though I buy it weighing a tonne and label it likewise. ( I recently checked this again and got just over 28 loads of oak from a 26.9t lorry load giving a load of size of around 0.95t (minus bark and sawdust obviously, which is left behind here)! My volume figure is measured as actual load space (not volume of wood). This is worked out accurately and is not rough guesswork but please remember a 4 cubic metre load on anyones trailer for example, will not be 4 cubic metres when stacked. Also,'seasoned' can be a very ambiguous word. Large unsplit logs can be left 'seasoned' for 3 or 4 years and still not be dry and fit to burn. Again, don't be fooled by kiln dried logs either. I recently looked at a sack in a shop which stated the moisture content to be acceptable up to 25% !! (It is quite normal to get it to, or even well below 20% by just drying them normally in the right environment ie a dry barn, garage or log store).

Moisture meters can be useful but are not necessary (and nearly always highly inaccurate and misleading - understanding how they work will explain that!), the guideline is if your log catches fire very readily and burns easily without hissing and sap oozing out the end, then it is fit to burn. Blackened glass on a stove is usually a good indication of damp wood too although in some applications this may happen if you shut off the air supply too far, or blackening often occurs (regardless of the moisture content) for the first 5 minutes or so after lighting for example. Finally on this kiln dried stuff - many years ago in my youth, I asked an elderly woodman to make me some double gates for a customer who specified kiln dried wood. He wouldn't do it, saying they would swell when they began to take up water out of the air again! So, summing up IMO - wood will only dry to the moisture level of the environment, kiln drying just speeds up this process for the less well organised! Contrary to how they are marketed, in my opinion kiln dried logs are no better - you are just paying someone to speed up the natural drying process whilst simultaneously speeding up the destruction of the environment!

Although this website now saves me an incredible amount of time by not having to explain detail over the phone, it actually began nearly a decade ago simply with just minimal text and two photo's - primarily for potential new customers to be able to visualise the load sizes and compare this with what my competitors offered rather than compare what are often exaggerated volume and weight figures quoted over the phone (and now websites) but it still keeps expanding - everytime someone asks me a question not covered here already! Increased business from this website was partly responsible for me going full time in 2008 (as far as I know that makes me unique in the region) enabling me to now supply at any time of the year.

Thankyou for reading and I hope to see you soon!

GENERAL UPDATE - After 30 years doing this job I now supply the vast majority of my customers with firewood logs well before they need to actually burn them and this forward thinking, along with me supplying 6m3 bulk loads, is the direction I am leading my business ie no last minute rushing, efficiency, and cheap prices whilst making a stand against the absolule stupidity of kiln drying logs. By asking you rather than me to store your logs for 3 months to finish drying I can continue to provide these finest quality uniform logs whilst watching the pricing structure of other suppliers disappear into the distance!! Soon, probably the winter after next, I no longer intend to sell logs fully seasoned and ready to burn because so many of my customers now order early and therefore there is no point in me trying to compete with subsidised businesses paid for by the taxpayer to kiln dry firewood when all you need to do is get a few weeks ahead of the game or ideally get a rotation system going (ie have two log stores and leave one load to finish drying whilst you burn your previous load and so on) and save yourself a ton of money. A rotation system works best for me too, if I dare add that, because I don't want everyone ordering in the summertime either! And a little secret here now, getting your logs in a year early earns stellar amounts more interest than money in the bank, log prices have risen so much this last decade and its a great way to make money in itself (I learnt that one from the oil barons)!!

I built my business selling the finest quality dry ash logs at top prices but nowadays (some!) other people are selling good dry logs too and my main selling point now has become still selling these prime ash logs but rather now part seasoned and at greatly reduced prices. I have now found an ever growing market from well organised people for my regular, uniform logs (both regular in size and species, and user specified) which, due to all the work that keeps coming my way, is obviously more important to customers than very expensive logs unecessarily dried artificially in a kiln (both naturally drying and kiln dried logs soon meet midway and find their common moisture content which ultimately, I believe, is always that of the environment they are kept in). This is where I can beat the competition, most of whom still seem to supply random sized lumps of wood rather than nice uniform logs, as well as totally random species - lime and willow included (which are technically hardwoods although not hard wood of course and dried to 8% m/c 'burn like paper' to quote one new customer of mine....), and as long as you are able to order in advance you will still get the finest logs and also now find me cheaper, sometimes considerably so, than just about every other major supplier nowadays. Doing it this way also takes the stress out of the job in hand, both for me rushing to keep up in peak times and for you panicking as you try to avoid running out! I apologise for how all of this may affect some of you whom I have spoiled over the years (!) but the blame lies with the very questionable government policy that has forced this change upon me and with all the sheeple who continue to blindly follow whatever our government tells us - in this case, 'we must kiln dry our firewood'!! Criticising government - oh dear, I'd better stop there, a few more years and I'll be jailed for something like this.........ask me sometime if you're interested further, 'woodman' is taking a lesser role in my life now as the years go by!


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